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About Spark Egypt For Training And Development
Who We Are

Spark Egypt For Training And Development

Training is not just a course taken or a piece of information given but a flowing river of development and enhancement aims to water your mind, feed your future and quench your improvement thirst. People differ and vary in tastes and mentalities. However, Spark cares to serve and satisfy its customer according to his/her future training requirements, through its well trained staff. Now.

Our goal is to develop the firms and enterprises and give full care to the customer and his future training needs. Looking for establishing a new era in management, Spark For Training and Development, Cambridge International College Affiliate, bestows its knowledge, skills and experience to the Middle East Business world.

Our legal strong form ( Joint Stock Company specialized in Training and Development Management Services) enable Spark to serve reputable candidates and organizations in the Arab world since 2000

Spark has been awarded the exclusive affiliate from School of Business at Cambridge Int College, Britain since 2000, and has contributed and assisted thousands of members, and trainees across the Arab world, African world Particularly Nigeria over the past 20 years.

Our Vision

Our vision is to implement sustainable training & human development programs that improve and raise people skills, capabilities, endurance, self-confidence & esteem, moreover achieve progress in all life aspects.

Our Mission

SPARK gives highly attention about the image it leaves behind after a training course is over. SPARK’s mission is more than just offering training courses, which last for one time only.  Yet we care much about having continues relation to have a long-term relation with our clients.  

SPARK is set to be on the ranked as one of the top training organizations, knowing that this is not an easy task, yet we care about maintaining being on top as we are now.  Therefore, our staff are not only are all PhDs holders, but themselves yearly travel to different countries to update their knowledge by attending training courses and knowing the newest tools so that they can apply it in real life cases when lecturing.

SPARK’s main mission is satisfying each client by having him/her receive the best quality they do deserve and, this what really makes SPARK unique and different among others.  We value and cares much about customers because we care much about SPARK’s maintaining being on top as it used to be and will always remain. We say what we exactly do because we depend on actions rather than saying only words. 

SPARK’s mission is to increase and maximize both local and general sectors and also the mass public, Saudis business organizations by:

  • Developing management ways.
  • Upgrading and widen Top Executive Management philosophies and languages skills.
  • Expanding the maximum knowledge within Management levels, to be specified as following:
  1. Widen and expand the most knowledge of top management, which will upgrade his/her level of thinking to change for the over all better of his/her institute.
  2. To facilitate and help decision makers at any Saudi institutes in knowing exactly how to deal with different problems and solve it
  3. Updating top managers with latest issues dealing with management discussions that share similar issues on the market
  4. Update the educational level for top management positions in our society for better fining jobs for diplomas, masters and doctoral


Unique Outstanding Goals

When dealing with different clients, SPARK concentrates more on meeting the followings points:

  1. Complete responsibilities for working within the same educational systems set for each institute at their training department
  2. Present the best tools and top management methods and avoid standards ways
  3. Customize each package presented to a specific organization so that it fits and meets their exact requirements to satisfy them the most
  4. Whole involvement for each client at all levels in presenting any training program which is for the better long run future
  5. We care about the maximum satisfaction of clients by offering what we, SPARK, exactly promises to do
  6. Our mission is further that just giving clients services yet it goes deeper to a successful practice by making sure that each case is to be manipulated correctly to have the best result
  7. Management consultation and training is our prime mission    


Why Spark ?

1) SPARK prepares the registration documents and sends them to Cambridge International College. 
2) SPARK arranges and pays for the cost of despatches to Cambridge International College by UPS OR DHL. 
3) SPARK arranges supervision of members and trainees by specialists in business, administration and other subjects.
4) SPARK sets up a professional plan for each enrolled Member for his/her Cambridge International College programme. 
5) SPARK may arrange some individual or group tutorial training sessions when required, to explain more about subjects, and to assist in strategies for understanding and implementation.
6) SPARK is the exclusive invigilator for all Cambridge International College programmes in Egypt. 
7) SPARK provides the exclusive service of the Arabic Language Translation System for Cambridge International College Exams, and for material summaries.